Tadlon Limited
Tadlon is a specialist consultancy that focus on the payment industry and related sectors. If you are interested in how you can exploit payments as part of your business strategy or how to improve the efficiency of your sytems we can help. We have associates you can also help with related aspects such as financial crime and programme management.

Our approach is based on Aristotle categorisation of knowledge as theoretical, productive or practical which underlies our approach to helping our clients. We draw on a diverse source of theoretical material about business and look to provide approaches that are productive and can be used to achieve practical purposes.

We draw on diverse, and at times what may seem unrelated material, as this provides insights into what may be mundane issues. Gregory Bateson credited his creativity to being able to draw on a number of fields and saw it as just applying this knowledge to different problems. This diversity includes the work of Russell Ackoff, Chris Argryis, Eli Goldratt, Fernando Flores, Elliot Jaques, Gary Klein and Karl Weick amongst others.

We have a series of framework and approaches to address problems in organisational design, decision management, knowledge management and innovation. But it is not a case of one size fits all or one best way. These approaches need to be tailored to individual organisations’ requirements and objectives, be they to manage their approach to delivery, systems architecture or to improving the reliability and resilience of their payment systems.

In terms of being practical we try and teach these approaches and not to provide the answer. The journey (the means) is as important as the objective (the ends) and the organisation needs to understand the basis of the approach so that it can evolve over time to meets the needs of a changing world.

You will find an outline of your offering on the services page and there are a number of articles on payments and related topic on the on the papers page